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Telangana (119) Lead Won
TRS - 88
Congress - 19
TDP - 2
MIM - 7
BJP - 1
TJS - 0
CPI - 0
Others - 2
Rajasthan (199) Lead Won
BJP - 73
Congress+ - 101
Others - 25
Chhattisgarh (90) Lead Won
BJP - 15
Congress - 68
JCC+ - 7
Others - 0
Madhya Pradesh (230) Lead Won
BJP - 108
Congress - 114
Others - 8
Mizoram (40) Lead Won
Congress - 5
MNF - 26
BJP - 1
Others - 8

KCR pulled votes like 'Indira Gandhi' and 'N T Rama Rao'

Hyderabad: Whether rural or urban, whether Congress bastion or any other, it made no difference to the Telangana Rashtra Samiti as people across the state voted for it and rejected the Congress-led People’s Front i... Read more

Telangana poll results: KCR sweeps, wins 88 of 119 seats

Hyderabad: The pink tsunami buried not just the Mahakutumi but also the BJP. No one survived except the MIM, which sided with the giant. The verdict was emphatic and it was clear. If it is Telangana, it has to be KCR. No... Read more


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KCR pulled votes like 'Indira Gandhi' and 'N T Rama Rao'

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